What I do


I’m setting old silent films to sound: blending them with contemporary tones, rhythms and melodies to encounter unfamiliar twists. Coures, counterpoints and guidelines set along with the leading charakters are the reward. Thus flowting between hypnotic maelstromic pictures and driving new sounds, no beatmatching is needed. I do readjust the tunes, but to the pace and fequency of the film; meticulous I set tone on and against picture. Synaestesia, no distraction! Just lend me you eyes and ears for my SilentFilmDj Sets.


In Clubs my platter will be wreaked with ELECTRONICA, DEEP HOUSE, FUNK & SOUL, DOWNBEAT, MASH UP & D’n’B. Momentarily NETAUDIO respectively CREATIVE COMMONS tracks of varied genres are my big pleasure. I like to play music from artists which releasing there music independently and online. This allows me to adjust his Sets to the location and it’s audience. Performing at open airs, festivals, art shows, clubs – and at the movies. Therefore I utilise turntables and digital dj-emquipment.